Participant of the 6th exhibition of the author's dolls MuñecArt

Olga Filinova

Illustration of Russia flag

Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Decorative and Applied Arts.
For me, a doll is a small story, impression, mood or memory, turned into a tangible image. I like that an art doll combines different types of creativity and you can tell a lot, choosing not words, but fabrics, paints, gestures, facial expressions, hair color, texture of the material and the style of the outfit ... Looking at the doll, everyone can come up with their own story, compose their own fairy tale ...

Behind the scenes

Description Ideas

There may be echoes of Vertinsky's theme, but maybe this is a completely different story ...


Mixed media based on papier-mâché mass.

The size

Height: 43 cm; stand length: 37 cm.

The cost

350  €

Pani Irena

Description Ideas

In 2019-2020, I took part in a project dedicated to the work of Alexander Vertinsky. The project was organized by the International Association of Puppet Authors in cooperation with the Obraz Art Community. I have done two works illustrating Vertinsky's songs. The topic fascinated me so much that I decided to continue creating characters based on his poems and songs. This is how the image of Pani Irena arose.


Mixed media. Materials: paper-glue, a lot of papier-mâché, fabrics, beads.

The size

Height: 42 cm.

The cost

300 €


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10 thoughts on “Ольга Филинова”

    1. Irina, thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful exhibition !!! Thanks to all the organizers !!!

  1. Olga managed to convey the lyrical mood surprisingly subtly through her unique compositions. Everything in them is connected by semantic and spatial arrangement: characters, details of clothing, shoes, jewelry, color.
    In the composition "Pani Irena", a pretty lady with golden curls and a barely perceptible smile on her pink lips is immersed in pleasant memories. Irena's emotions are easy to read on her face. However, like the characters in the composition "Behind the Scenes".

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