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Tatiana Kovyazina

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I'm an artist at heart.
Having received a higher technical education, she worked not just as an engineer, but as a design engineer. And this means constantly learning new things, creating new things. And of course, at the same time, the desire to create something beautiful did not leave: I sewed, knitted clothes for myself and my family, sewed toys for the amusement of my daughter.
Therefore, as soon as I found out that people make designer dolls and toys, I plunged headlong into the study of this process. I read books, took master classes with recognized masters of puppetry, studied techniques, materials, sculpture, human anatomy. Since 2017, I have come to grips with dolls. I make dolls in different techniques: both static and mobile (boudoir); from self-hardening polymer clay and from baked polymer clay; in mixed media and fully molded.
I am especially attracted by the creation of dolls with portrait likeness, I want to devote this to my further work on the creation of author's dolls.


Description Ideas

A doll with a portrait resemblance to French film and television actress Michel Mercier as Angelica.

One has only to hear the name of Michel Mercier, as the sonorous "Angelica" pops up in my head. This is not surprising, because the actress appeared in the role of a wayward beauty in five films directed by Bernard Borderie based on the novel by Anne and Serge Golon.
The doll is dressed in a dress from the second film "Magnificent Angelica" based on the book "The Way to Versailles"


The doll is movable, stands on a stand.
The doll is made in mixed media: from Living doll baked polymer clay head, shoulders, arms to the elbow, legs to knees, textile body on a wire frame. Hair - dyed wool of angora goat. Painted with acrylic paints, lacquer Mr. Super Clear. Suit - cotton, satin, velvet, lace, costume jewelry; footwear - textiles.

The size

55 cm

The cost

455 €

John Lennon

Description Ideas

Doll with a portrait likeness John Lennon

John Winston Ono Lennon is a British rock musician, singer, poet, composer, writer, activist, one of the most popular and influential musicians of the twentieth century, on whose music not a single generation grew up and who lived a painfully short life by today's standards.
A doll with a portrait likeness, John Lennon, was conceived at the end of 2020, the year in which it was 80 years since the birth (October 9) and 40 years since the death (December 8) of the musician, one of the founders of The Beatles.


The doll is static, only the arms are mobile. The doll is made in mixed media: molded head, hands, body from feet to waist made of self-hardening La doll clay on a wire frame; body from waist to head-textile. Painted with acrylic paints, varnished with Mr. Super Clear. Hair - dyed wool of angora goat. Suit: denim. Shoes: natural suede.

The size

Height 65 cm

The cost

395 €


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10 thoughts on “Татьяна Ковязина”

  1. Wonderful work! I admire the author's creativity, his ideas and their embodiment in reality! The dolls are very similar to their famous heroes! They are like living, their eyes are filled with life, it is clear that a soul is invested in their creation!

    1. Thank you, Anna!
      This assessment of my work is very inspiring! Gives strength to work and strive for excellence!

  2. Excellent work, I looked at them with great pleasure! It is difficult to convey emotions when you see an exact copy of the idol of millions of John Lenin! Super! Keep it up! We are waiting for new works!

  3. Charming Angelica, striking resemblance to the actress !!! Favorite heroine and admiration for dolls, as one of the most interesting types of creativity, is a real aesthetic pleasure !!!
    Such attention to detail. Bravo! Thank you for your skill, Tatiana!

    1. Thank you, Ekaterina, for the appreciation of my work!
      It is very subtly noticed: after all, dolls are made not so much for themselves as for the joy of contemplation and possession of all lovers of this magical world of dolls!

  4. Irina, and thank you very much for creating this wonderful exhibition that unites the whole world of lovers of designer dolls!

  5. Amazed, delighted, proud of the master Tatiana! Personally, I noticed the face, hair styling, hands and shoes! How neatly and painstakingly it was done! I wish the author that his work will be appreciated financially! So that the dolls made by Tatyana get into the interior of a connoisseur of such creativity!

    1. Thank you, Eugene! How pleasant it is to read your review!
      Days and nights spent at work, failures, mistakes, correcting mistakes, even a fleeting desire to give up everything - all this is nothing compared to the satisfaction that the work is done, and if you also like it…. Full delight!

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