Participant of the 6th exhibition of the author's dolls MuñecArt

Tatiana Kuznetsova

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Hello! My name is Tatiana :) In short, my creative path began ten years ago, when I started working in the wedding industry. I was a designer and master of wedding accessories. For me, this was the greatest joy of that period of my life. And two years ago, my daughter discovered the wonderful world of art dolls for me, and the dolls captivated me 🙂 For almost two years I have been making interior dolls, and this exhibition is a big step on my creative path.


Description Ideas

I tried to make a special doll, inspired by young ladies in vintage photographs.


The doll stands on a stand, sits on its own. The body is textile, the head and legs are molded of self-hardening clay, the hands are made of papier-mâché (by the waving method).
Materials: premier self-hardening clay, kraft paper, wire, PVA glue, calico, sawdust, mineral granulate, acrylic paints, pastel, angora goat wool, cotton, silk, suede.

The size

Size standing 48 cm, sitting 40 cm.

The cost

195 €


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