Participant of the 6th exhibition of the author's dolls MuñecArt

Tatiana Zhavoronkova

Illustration of Russia flag

Graphic designer. I have been making designer dolls since 2013. Permanent participant in international and Russian exhibitions and competitions. The works were published in the "Puppet Master" magazine and catalogs of the "Art of the Doll" exhibition.


Description Ideas

The movable Cherry doll was created based on the 1879 children's portrait "Girl with a Cherry" by the French artist Jules Emile Saintin.



The size

70 cm

The cost

400 €

My Josephine

Description Ideas

The composition "My Josephine" was created based on the picturesque portraits and the life story of Napoleon and his first wife, the beautiful Josephine. It symbolizes eternal feelings carried through the years and distances.


Mixed media

The size

60 cm

The cost

500 €


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