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Anna Zueva


Anna Zueva is a designer doll artist. Member of the Perm Gallery of Author's Dolls, the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the Ural Association of Puppet Artists, the American Association of Puppet Artists NIADA.
Anna Zueva has been making art dolls for over twenty years. She was led into the world of designer dolls by her long-standing passion for the history of costume and Russian theater artists of the early twentieth century. Art education and years of experience have helped make doll making a profession.
Anna Zueva's dolls are distinguished by their special decorativeness, their own style and extraordinary attention to detail. Most often these are female characters, in original costumes, which the author completely creates herself, using a variety of modern materials. Having tried many different techniques - papier-mâché, hot plastics, ceramics - for many years Anna has been giving preference to paper-glue.

Anna Zueva's dolls have repeatedly received prizes in Russia - in Moscow and Siberia, at competitions and festivals of author's dolls. In 2010, her doll "Big wash" won the international competition of author's dolls in Germany.
Author's handmade dolls from Anna Zueva are highly appreciated by both professionals of puppetry art and buyers - fans of art dolls. Her works are in private collections in many countries of the world, in Europe and in the USA, as well as in the collections of some art museums.
For many years Anna has been teaching the art of designer dolls in different countries and cities of Russia. And in 2013 Anna Zueva became a member of the American Association of Doll Artists NIADA.


Description Ideas

Ida doll. Childhood impressions of Andersen's fairy tale Little Ida's flowers were transformed into the image of an already matured girl living in the world of flowers. Magic dreams, aromas of fabulous flowers and girlish dreams are the mood of this composition.


Skeleton static doll. Made of paperglue and ladoll. Hair - flax. Painting - acrylic, watercolor and colored pencils. The suit is cotton and linen. Flowers - paper, wire frame.

The size

70 cm

The cost

not for sale


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  1. I love the work of this wonderful author. Each doll is a unique magical story that takes you into the world of fairy tales, childhood, into the world of dreams. Thank you very much for the wonderful !!!

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