Participant of the 6th exhibition of the author's dolls MuñecArt

Irina Abrasokina


She started making dolls about 9 years ago, when she lived in St. Petersburg. After moving to Spain, I was a little confused due to the lack of professional exhibitions, then pulled myself together and created MuñecArt, a little later the Gaudir competition appeared, and last year The Daily Doll.

With so many projects, there is very little time left to create dolls, but I still try to devote it to my favorite pastime.

Dolls are my life. What lifts you above the hustle and bustle makes you dream.

Mary Stuart

Description Ideas

“Your sister and a prisoner” was the title of the play that inspired me to create a doll.

Scottish queen, rival of Elizabeth I for the crown and men's hearts. She was executed because she seemed too dangerous.

She ascended the scaffold in a bright red dress.

I had no goal to convey portrait likeness, but I wanted to express the idea and mood.


Living Doll, watercolor, antique lace, several types of silk.

The size

44 cm

The cost

350 € + transport costs


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