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Katya Shemyakina

Illustration of Russia flag

Born into a family of artists in Moscow. From early childhood she was fond of dolls and toys made by hand. After school, for 5 years she studied theatrical art, cultural studies and painting at the ASK Academy of Arts and Culture, and then after graduating from the academy and for the next 10 years she was engaged in historical and modern costume in film, theater and television projects, while working on a series of paintings and graphics. Since 2002 he has been a participant in art exhibitions and markets. In 2014, the first personal exhibition of my painting and illustration took place. Since 2016, he has been a regular participant in puppet exhibitions. Today I am the curator and author of an international art gallery project dedicated to contemporary art and its research.

Fauns children, boy and girl.

Description Ideas

Once I saw an old French figurine of a faun of a child crying. According to legend, the faun really cried, because the nymphs were very afraid of him, and was usually portrayed as crying, but he was already an adult, and it struck me that I never thought that the faun was also a child. I wanted to play with this story using modern language, and I also thought, let the faun have a cute girlfriend.


darwi, jovi (self-hardening plastics) textiles, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, paper, pva, cernit (baked plastic), goat hair, acrylic varnish.

The size

Faun boy 40 cm, Faun girl 27 cm

The cost

Boy fawn 250 € and Girl fawn 250 €. Together 470 €, postage by EMC Russia is calculated separately


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