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Mario rosales


I'm a Doll artist and Fashion Illustrator from Lima, Perú. The Dolls for me are art pieces which survive their creators, and I know they will become our greatest legacy. A legacy that will speak of my passion, love and perseverance, better than anything else I have ever done.
All my work revolves around resilience: The ability to overcome adversity by drawing something positive from negative experiences; to become stronger and to shine with what we have learned.
Like a diamond, that piece of coal which had to pass through an enormous and extraordinary pressure to reach its maximum shine.
That's why all my creations have tears crystallized in diamonds, as a symbol of their reconstruction and resilience.


Description Ideas

Doll inspired in 'La Catrina'. The referential image of Death in Mexico, it is common to see her embodied as part of the celebrations of Day of the Dead throughout the country; A multi-day holiday that involves family and friends gathering to pray for and to remember friends and family members who have died.


Material: Polyurethane Resin
Painted Parts: Make up, Eyes & Body (Watercolor Pencils, Pastels & Acrylics)
Wig: Alpaca Hair
Haute Couture Dress: Embroidery, Glass Beads, Sequins, Crystals & Rhinestones
Fabrics: Black Silk, Skin Color Tul
Number of parts: 21

The size

Height: 48cm w/ High Heels

The cost

2400 €


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