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Nadine Dolotova


Hello, my name is Nadine.
Do you know those moments when you are doing what you love with all your heart and time just stops for you? This is how I feel when I create my children. I swear they each have their own character and personality from the very first moment of the process, they literally tell you their stories.
All my silicone babies are created by me (most if they are from scratch) - first I sculpt them out of clay, then I create a shape, pour (cast) them in silicone, paint, matte, give structure ❤️ - I really like doing this never get tired experiment.


Description Ideas

This baby was sculpted by Vivian Hallelujah from scratch, molded, made from a platinum-cured silicone mixture by me, Nadine Dolotova, with full reproduction rights.

Please welcome my prototype baby Kenzo 8 ”(sculpture by a talented sculptor and my dear friend Vivian Aleluia),
Made of super soft silicone marshmallow by Nadine Dolotova herself (I offer blanks and ready-made babies).

Hope you love him! He is EXTREMELY realistic - the photographs, unfortunately, do not convey everything - he has split toes, a realistic painted and glazed tongue, a stamp on the navel, childhood miles, vertix, baby lanugo on the cheeks and buttocks, veins.

His hair is micro-rooted from the highest quality mohair.

Warning - some images may be disturbing as it depicts a premature baby boy).

Very soft and pleasant to the touch, has the effect of 3D leather (added flock, the leather looks good even unpainted). Has an open mouth, accepts a custom pacifier. Will come with a certificate of authenticity,
pacifier and surprise accessory.


This baby was crafted from a super soft platinum cured silicone blend, painted with silicone paint, coated with silicone powder and rooted with premium quality mohair.
It measures 8 inches from head to toe.

The size

20.5 cm

The cost

850 € 


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