Participant of the 6th exhibition of the author's dolls MuñecArt

Natalia Zaykovskaya


My love and weakness are Dolls. I can spend the whole day at my desk. I really like to read, listen to detective novels.

Brother Erasmus

Description Ideas

Member of the deliberative troika of the Holy Inquisition in the Netherlands. Awaiting Pope Leo X's personal investigator, Christina Pathé, in the case of the artist Hieronymus Bosch, accused of heresy ...


Baked polymer clay, implanted hair (goat hair), baked paints - genesis. Eyes painted - genesis. Clothes - natural fabrics: linen, cotton.

The size

31 cm

The cost

350 €


Description Ideas

The Scrooge doll was created after watching the movie A Christmas Carol. The main role was played by the famous Jim Carrey (James Eugene "Jim" Carrey)


Baked polymer clay, baked dyes - genesis, implanted hair. Body-sealed synthetic winterizer, wire. Natural fabrics.

The size

60 cm

The cost

1500 €


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9 thoughts on “Наталия Зайковская”

  1. Almost perfect embodiment of living images. It's somehow awkward to call them dolls. They stand for themselves, think about something ... And how much behind this precision and subtlety in the details of the enormous painstaking work, patience and talent. Brava, Natalia! Good luck to you!

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