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Tatiana Danilenko



My name is Tatyana. I am a puppeteer artist from Minsk, Belarus.
Since childhood I have been fond of drawing, painting, fantasy, stories, legends and, of course, dolls.
I have been working as a computer graphics artist since 2010. I create illustrations for games, postcards, posters, sketches, comics, concept art.
I have been making dolls since 2017. I love laconic, stylish images that will decorate your interior or will be a wonderful, valuable gift.
One of my favorite areas is dolls with portrait likeness: movies, actors, singers or real people.
I am a member of the International Puppet Writers Association.
Received Gold in the Imaginarium competition in the category "Dolls from modern materials" in 2020, Laureate of the "Fashion history" competition in 2019.
I work with Cernit. Since I like the material, effect and texture in the final work.
I create all my dolls with great love and am very happy when they find their collectors!

Queen amidala

Description Ideas

A doll with a portrait likeness.
The Movie "Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace"
Not for sale.


Mixed media: Cernit body, wire frame, synthetic winterizer. The arms can be bent at the elbows.
Hair: goat hair, chignon.
Painting: acrylic, pastel, oil.
Clothing: natural velvet identical to film velvet, natural silk, synthetic fabric, beads, micro beads, Swarovski crystals,
jewelry chains.
Pine stand.

The size

66 cm

The cost

Not for sale

Swan Princess

Description Ideas

Do you believe that fairy tales are not only on the pages of books, but also in life? And what happiness awaits after great disappointments?
Don't believe me?
Then meet: Lilia, for friends Lily. A cheerful and purposeful girl who worked as a costume designer in a provincial theater, but so dreamed of going on stage! Ballet, Swan Lake, music, and in the wildest dreams of the stage of Paris! But the dream can remain so, if you do not go towards the goal with confident steps.
Deciding one day that the moment had come, Lilya bought a ticket to Moscow. Embracing her mother goodbye, she went to meet the stage. But only in fairy tales everything happens at once. To pay for the room, study French and attend a dance studio, the girl was forced to work as a waitress.
There was barely enough money, Lilya had already begun to wonder if she had made a reckless step, leaving her home.
But one day after a shift in a cafe, a handsome young man approached her and handed her a business card with a name and phone number. As it turned out, his name was Sebastian. He once saw one of the dance classes in the studio, but Lilya rushed off so quickly after the training that he had to ask the guys where to find her.
“I could not wait for a new lesson, tomorrow I have a ticket to Paris. Fly with me ?! It's love at first sight! ”♥ ️
The prospects of getting on the big stage in Moscow are zero, there is barely enough money for housing and rehearsals, and debts too ...
There was nothing to lose, especially since the young man Leela also really liked it.
The girl settled in a small apartment in Paris, was looking for a new studio for dancing and met with Sebastian almost every day. She was a little embarrassed that she had never been his guest. The man explained this by his work - he is an artist, the apartment was at the same time his studio, and there was constant disorder. However, he promised to buy a small house for two soon.
Time passed slowly.
Once Lilya was returning from training and suddenly heard a familiar voice ...
Turning around, Lily froze, and her heart ached: Sebastian walked behind, holding the hand of a five-year-old boy, an elegant woman was walking beside him. All three were chatting merrily, and Lilia barely managed to hide around the corner of the house. With a brisk step, she walked away from "This traitor!"
Her eyes did not see the road, but her head was pounding painfully: "How could he ?!"
Having run a few blocks in this way, the girl did not notice how she found herself in front of a bright building with a windmill on the roof and the inscription “Moulin Rouge”. A crowd of girls stood nearby, clearly expecting something. A minute later, a beautiful woman appeared on the doorstep: "Girls, everyone here, the tests are about to begin!" Lilya followed the chirping beauties with her gaze, turned around and walked slowly along the building, when suddenly the same voice called out to her: “Where are you going?”. "But I am not…". “Girl, don't make me wait! Run to the test! "
There are moments in life when resentment and pain seem to take up all the space, when it seems that this is the end and the strength to fight, there is no longer any further going.
But at the same time, these same events can become a powerful, concentrated force capable of pushing high up!
After pain comes calm, after tears comes happiness, you just have to catch this bright spark by the tail and not let go.
So it happened with our Lilya. The pain, which literally tore her heart five minutes ago, burst into an incredibly strong, emotional dance on stage.
All the feelings that overwhelmed her at that moment made a huge impression on the troupe and its leader. This is how she became one of the leading dancers of Moulin Rouge. The debut image “Swan” was sewn by herself from white fabric, feathers and tulle, which she took with herself from the wardrobe theater, where she worked before.
What about Sebastian, you ask? They parted, the girl could not forgive the betrayal. Soon she moved in the future to her own cozy house, and all of Paris came to watch her performances.
Here's a story!


Cernit baked plastic, goat hair, acrylic, pastel, oil.
Armani silk, tulle, beads, microbeads, crystals, jewelry chains, feathers.
Oak stand.
Single copy.
Clothes are not removed.

The size

58 cm

The cost

670 € shipping included


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