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Ulyana Petrenko

My name is Ulyana, I have been working on an author's doll since 2010, but I created my first work in sculpture in December 2008. It was an anime character figurine. And already in 2010 I tried to create my first doll, it was exhibited at two international exhibitions in Moscow, after which it got into a private collection. This is how my creative journey began with dolls. At the moment, a special passion is large portrait work, as they are difficult and interesting to create.


Description Ideas

The work was inspired by the American actress of the Victorian era - Beatrice Minerva Ashley. People of amazing appearance and talent. In the beginning, I only had two images of the actress, but during the creation there was a wild hunt for her portraits and history. I was interested in everything, her appearance in different years of her life, her biography, her thoughts. Now I have a huge album of images of Beatrice, among which there are several real antique cards issued during her lifetime and during her time as an acting theater actress. I am also aware of many interesting facts from the life of this extraordinary woman. Best of all, she was also a sculptor, her 400-foot-long bas-relief adorned the Vanderbilt Hotel on 4 Park Avenue in New York City. One of my favorite photos is where Beatrice is at work on a large boy, taken for the article in the newspaper.


The work is done in mixed media, the head is on a hinge, the arms are on the frame, the body is static. The techniques of implantation of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and marigolds were used, the sculpture also has the texture of a realistic skin, where each pore and micro wrinkle was manually slicked. Antique dress of 1855, embroidered and decorated by hand with antique lace, natural stones and river pearls.

The size

160 cm.

The cost

temporarily unavailable for purchase


Description Ideas

This is my personal character from the failed comic. When I took up an author's doll, all desire to draw was completely discouraged, so the planned comic, with the participation of this hero, did not take place, but a large and rather complicated work took place 🙂 The boy is partially mobile, his head is on a hinge, handles on a metal frame. The technique of implantation of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes and nails was used, as well as the texture of the skin. The outfit contains antique lace and fabrics.


mixed media, partially mobile, implantation of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and marigolds. Skin texture.

The size

167 cm.

The cost

Temporarily unavailable for purchase


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8 thoughts on “Ульяна Петренко”

  1. A very impressive piece of art! And so big. The costumes are great! Excellent work. Make a lasting impression!

  2. The dolls are amazing !!! I saw them at exhibitions, not only are they full-length, they are super-quality! Very beautiful! The author has a wonderful taste and she deserves the highest praise !!!

  3. Master, your work gives goosebumps ... Your dolls not only fascinate (well, who can say that they are not alive?), You want to communicate with them, they have their own history. Thank you for creating such masterpieces!

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