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Victoria Fribus

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An architect by training, but an artist at heart. I bring materials to life and create beautiful doll sculptures with a philosophical meaning.

I like very much to experiment with different materials and techniques, so I always study with great pleasure, seek and discover new worlds.

Certified Master of the International Puppet Guild PDMAG.

Fashion Doll Patricia


MATERIAL: polyurethane.
SIZE: 43 cm.

31 points of articulation.
The kit is completely created by the author:
- Painting the entire doll
- Wig
- Clothes, shoes. The element of clothing decor is woven of silver and silver wire (“Wire wrapped” technique).

The doll comes with branded packaging and a certificate of authenticity.

The size

43 cm

The cost

1100 € + transport costs

Masquerade. Crow and Swan masks.

Description Ideas

Raven 60 cm
Swan 62 cm
Unit copies
Puppet sculptures are created in mixed media from materials: polymer clay, mohair, feathers, met. scales, soutache, wooden stand.

Winner in the thematic nomination "And the features are hidden by the mask" of the online contest "Doll of the Year".


Mixed media: polymer clay, mohair, feathers, met. scales, soutache, wooden stand.

The size

Raven 60 cm, Swan 62 cm

The cost

The cost of each sculpture is 1100,00 € + transport costs


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